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Know History, Know Yourself

Celebrate Life with Circa 1926! Our Products Connected to Your Moments! 

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The brand Circa 1926 was inspired by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the father of African American History. He launched black history week, yes, I said week, in 1926.  It grew to become Black History Month in the 1970s.  But Dr. Woodson's vision was greater than 7 or even 28 days. Though he didn't live to see it, there are a bunch of us out here, determined to carry the torch for recognition 365 days a year.

It's a Grand Adventure filled with celebration, inspiration, aspiration, and self-expression. Sure, we’re serious, but we also make room for the lighter moments in life. The moments that allow us to just be human beings.  After all, we're multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, multi-generational, multi, multi, multi! And, while we may not be everything to everybody (who is?), we hope to be a lot of something to a lot of somebodies.

So, If you kind of feel the same way as we do and you'd like to talk about it, be about it, and tell the rest of the world about it, 365, then we hope our brand becomes your brand as we spread the word across the land.

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