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Mae C. Jemison: American Engineer, Physician, & Nasa Astronaut

Mae C. Jemison is a pioneering American engineer, physician, and former NASA astronaut. She is widely recognized for her achievements in science and space exploration and for being the first African American woman to travel into space.

Here are some key points about Mae C. Jemison:

  1. Early Life and Education: Born on October 17, 1956, in Decatur, Alabama, Mae Jemison moved to Chicago, Illinois, at a young age. She developed an early interest in science and space. Jemison earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University and a Doctor of Medicine degree from Cornell University Medical College.

  2. Medical Career: Before joining NASA, Jemison worked as a general practitioner and participated in medical research. She also served as a medical officer with the Peace Corps in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

  3. NASA Career: In 1987, Jemison was selected by NASA as an astronaut candidate. She completed her training and, in September 1992, flew into space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on mission STS-47. During this mission, Jemison conducted experiments in life sciences and material sciences.

  4. Post-NASA Career: After leaving NASA in 1993, Jemison founded The Jemison Group, Inc., a company that develops and markets advanced technologies. She also founded the Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence, named after her mother, which promotes science education.

  5. Awards and Honors: Jemison has received numerous awards and honors for her contributions to science and technology, including induction into the National Women's Hall of Fame and the International Space Hall of Fame. She has also been a strong advocate for science education, particularly for minority students.

  6. Academic Contributions and Public Speaking: Jemison has served as a professor at Dartmouth College and Cornell University, sharing her knowledge and experiences with students. She is a sought-after public speaker and has written several books, including works for children.

Mae C. Jemison's groundbreaking achievements and dedication to science, education, and technology continue to inspire people around the world.

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