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Valerie Thomas: The Reason You Have Virtual Reality

Valerie Thomas is an African-American scientist and inventor known for her pioneering work in the field of illusion optics. Born in 1943, Thomas grew up with a strong interest in science and technology, eventually pursuing a career in the space industry.

One of Thomas's most notable inventions is the 3D illusion transmitter, patented in 1980. This device creates the illusion of three-dimensional objects using concave mirrors and lighting techniques. Thomas's invention laid the groundwork for various applications, including medical imaging, television, and virtual reality.

Thomas's contributions to science and technology have been recognized with awards such as the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Award of Merit and the National Inventors Hall of Fame induction. She has also been an advocate for diversity in STEM fields, encouraging young people, especially girls and minorities, to pursue careers in science and technology.

Valerie Thomas's groundbreaking work continues to inspire future generations of scientists and inventors, highlighting the importance of innovation and diversity in shaping the future of technology.

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