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What to the American Slave is your 4th of July?

Frederick Douglass was born an enslaved person in Maryland, later escaping into freedom and emerging as one of the leading abolitionist voices in the nineteenth century.  In June 1852, he delivered this Independence Day address to the Rochester Ladies’ Anti-Slavery Society.  It became one of Douglass’s most famous speeches—criticizing the chasm between America’s Founding principles and the institution of slavery.  In the speech, Douglass lamented that Independence Day wasn’t a day of celebration for enslaved people.  At the same time, he urged his audience to read the U.S. Constitution not as a pro-slavery document, but as a “GLORIOUS LIBERTY DOCUMENT.

Check out his speech below and understand what the 4th of July to a slave was!

The more you know, the more you can prosper!

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